Until Friday, January 10, and coinciding with the management parties of Mazarrón, the Town Hall houses the pictorial exhibition `The Infinite Look ’ featuring one of the most prominent artists of the contemporary artistic landscape of the Region of Murcia, Paco Ñíguez.

The exhibition can be visited in the morning from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will be closed on December 6, December 25, December 30, January 1 and January 6. The author of the show and the Councillor for Culture, Ginés Campillo, opened the aforementioned exhibition accompanied by the curator, Juan G. Sandoval, and the friend of Ñíguez, also an artist, Luis González Adalid.

The Councillor for Culture was pleased that “Paco Ñíguez, of whom we all know for his work and his career, returns to exhibit in Mazarrón and do it on the occasion of the festivities as it was chosen for its quality and the importance of its it works within the regional panorama, because it is one of the main exponents of metaphysical painting.”

Ginés Campillo explained that “walking around the exhibition we can see how the paintings convey many sensations and emotions, not only for the infinite look that gives it a title, but also because they are much more powerful in their message” thanking the author for the deference that he has exhibited again in Mazarrón.

The artist thanked the City Council and Town Hall for his work in the commitment to Culture and although he explained that “I do not like to talk excessively about what I do simply because I dedicate myself to painting”, encouraged by his colleagues, commented that “there is a symbiosis, a very marked tandem, between what I paint and myself. ”

Ñíguez added that “every work has a physical dimension that we can recognize, but everything goes beyond. There is always another dimension that we are unable to explain, it feeds and enlarges us. What makes us take from existence and life ”. This spirituality is reflected in his paintings that call the viewer to a metaphysical reflection of their existence.