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Ageing reduces skin quality, affects its elasticity and strength and causes loss of fat- tissue volume. This results in dull skin that looks inelastic, which may display benign or cancerous lesions, textural or pigmentation inconsistencies, wrinkles, or prominent veins.

Skin condition diversity demands targeted treatments

Each aesthetic skin problem requires a different solution. Over the last decade, a range of advanced technologies and methods have emerged to treat skin blemishes and lesions and rejuvenate the skin. Using lasers, physicians can remove skin growths, pigmentation spots and prominent veins, ‘glue’ tissue and jump-start collagen growth. With the help of fillers, patients can restore lost tissue volume, get rid of wrinkles and firm up their skin. Skin boosters can restore skin to its previous strength, flexibility and shine.

Treat Dynamic Wrinkles with Vistabel®

When you look at the world through the centuries, it is clear to see that mankind’s perception of what is and is not attractive changes. When you look at hairstyles, clothing trends and fashion icons of just a few decades ago, their style and their clothing look ridiculous when compared to what is popular with people today.

However, something that is true, regardless of the culture and regardless of the time, is that attractive people have smooth, healthy-looking skin. There is not a culture in recent history that associates wrinkled skin with being attractive. This is one of the reasons why people are so interested in taking steps to address any sign of premature ageing or wrinkles that they see on their face.

One of the most popular products on the market today when it comes to anti-ageing is BOTOX®, (in Spain is called VISTABEL®) for aesthetic treatments. This product is popular because it works. It has been tried and tested for more than a decade and the results are unquestionable.

In order to get the most out of your VISTABEL® treatment, you have to walk into the procedure understanding what it is that the injectable is designed to treat.

VISTABEL® is designed to treat one thing and that is dynamic wrinkles.

These are the wrinkles that appear on your face when you make an expression. When you frown, you will see the furrows in your brow. You may also see ‘crow’s feet’ along the side of your eyes and wrinkles along the side of your nose. These are the things that VISTABEL® is designed to address.

VISTABEL® works with your body’s nervous system and muscular system. It limits the movement of certain muscles in your face, thereby eliminating the creation of dynamic wrinkles. Some people mistakenly believe that using this product will leave them with a frozen face. Nothing could be further from the truth. When a person has a frozen face, it’s usually the result of a forehead lift that went wrong.

When VISTABEL® is properly administered, it leaves you with a refreshed appearance. People look at you and they can tell that you look better, but they don’t know that you’ve had work done. That’s what most people want from their anti-ageing treatment. They want to look like the best version of themselves possible.

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