We are already well into our new term and what a term it is proving to be! We have been delighted to welcome new members to our choir, including some more much needed men. This has enabled us to create an even greater sound than the fantastic sound we created in 2015. We were all very pleased with our performances last year and the amount of money that we helped raise for charities such as ‘Help the Poor’ and with a larger choir we are hoping to help raise even more in 2016.

Having the advantage of more choir members and a greater range of voices, our Musical Directors Ann Thompson and Andy Hurrell, are able to be very imaginative with the arrangements of our songs. We are adding quite a few new songs to our repertoire; some old songs most of us recognise and some new ones; some upbeat and some slower. This all makes for a varied and exciting repertoire. The choir members suggest and vote on the songs we sing and this is evident in our performances. The Musical Directors then work out the musical arrangements and the choreography. Last year we added ‘You’re my World’ as a tribute to Cilla Black. It was a warm-up song initially, but we enjoyed it so much that we decided to include it in our repertoire. It was a resounding success!

We can’t wait for Saturday afternoons when we meet for practices. Not only do we sing our hearts out, but it is also a good opportunity to meet up with people who also enjoy singing. We don’t have voices like Adele or Tom Jones (if only!), but we all love to sing. The main requirements for joining the choir is that you are able to attend practices and that you like singing. The many benefits include those to your health and you feel happy! You may feel a little low, but you sing and feel a lot better. Being part of the Harlequin Rock Choir means you can sing to your heart’s content with the added knowledge that when you perform you are doing it to help those who are not as lucky as yourself. What a ‘feel good’ factor!

Our practices are Saturdays 1.15pm in the Camposol Cultural Centre where the other members will welcome you with open arms.

If you want to know more about joining the choir go to our internet site www.harlequinrockchoir.com or to our Harlequin Rock Choir Facebook site.

Are you planning an event to raise money for charity?
Will you have a captive audience in a largish venue, suitable for a choir of around 30 people or more?
The Harlequin Rock Choir would love to help you raise money. Contact us as above and we’ll be in touch. As with all our charitable performances we all give our services for FREE!

Ida Halton
Events Co-ordinator