In the last month or so the Harlequin Choir has had a few ‘firsts’. The first performance in Puerto Mazarrón, the first time in Mazarrón Town and the first performance to the public of our Abba compilation.

harlequin choir image2The Abba compilation and the rest of our repertoire was enjoyed by all who saw us at the Peyma Restaurant in Puerto Mazarrón on 20th May; so much so that we collected over 460€ from our generous audience for the Help the Poor charity managed by John and Joy Sloman with John playing his guitar whilst we took a much needed break during the warm day.

Only six days later we enjoyed the view of the lake in Al Kasar, Condado de Alhama and sang at the Open Door Christian Centre in aid of Swap Tears for Smiles, with John again strumming his guitar during our interval.
I almost forgot! Another ‘first’ was on 3rd June when we were delighted to sing Outside Calle Delicias, that lovely ‘salon de té’ in Mazarron’s Post Office Square. Those of you who have seen us before know that the front row dances on to the performance area. Nothing unusual about that! Well the ‘first’ was two ladies walking by and dancing with us at the front for a while. We hope that, one day, they’ll join our choir! The Calle Delicias staff were busy serving food and drinks and some of us even treated ourselves to their delicious chocolates and pastries at the end of the evening. They were also extremely kind and gave us a very generous donation towards the charity for that evening, Help the Poor, making a total collection of over 320€.

harlequin choir image1Recently we added up how much we’ve raised since July 2016 and including the events mentioned in this article, the Harlequin Rock Choir has helped raise over 4,500€ as well as much needed household goods for the poor.

As one of our members put it, we hope we are inspiring people to help others. If you are inspired to help others and enjoy the feel good pleasure of singing, join us on Saturdays at 1.15pm in the Cultural Centre, Camposol.

Ring me, Ida, on 654 411 964 or email for more information. Contact me in the same way if you would like us to be part of an event to raise funds for charity, bearing in mind that we need 4 to 6 weeks’ notice.