The measure will apply from midnight tonight (midnight between today Sunday and tomorrow Monday) at the border posts of ports and airports

The Government of Spain has agreed to restrict the access of tourists through the external borders of Spain, specifically those located in ports and airports. Starting at midnight tonight (midnight between today Sunday and Monday morning), access will only be allowed through these border points, in addition to the Spanish and residents in Spain, too;

a) Residents of the European Union or the Schengen Associated States, who go directly to their place of residence.

b) Holders of a long-term visa issued by a Member State or Schengen Associated State who apply to it.

c) Cross-border workers.

d) Healthcare or elderly care professionals who go to carry out their work activity.

e) Personnel dedicated to the transport of goods, in the exercise of their work activity and the flight personnel necessary to carry out commercial air transport activities.

f) Diplomatic, consular, international organizations, military personnel and members of humanitarian organizations, in the exercise of their functions.

g) People travelling for imperative family reasons duly accredited.

h) Persons who document documentary reasons of force majeure or situation of need, or whose entry is permitted for humanitarian reasons