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This month on The Fitness Hub with The Condado Club Gym, we are looking at the benefits of using free weights.

It can be intimidating when looking around a gym and seeing all the different pieces of equipment.  Here at The Condado Club Gym, we provide free weights ranging from just 0.5kg, all the way up to 40kgs.

Many people associate strength training with more experienced athletes.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Strength training improves bone density and lean muscles.   It is one of the best ways to control bone loss and tone muscles as we age.  Using free weights also helps improve our daily activities.  If you struggle to get the grocery shopping bags out of the boot, then doing a simple bicep curl will soon increase your capabilities and improve your balance.  You can be stronger and leaner.

Research has shown that exercise using free weights increases our energy, yet promotes a deeper sleep.  Now who does not want that?  As an added bonus, appetite levels can be balanced, meaning that the ‘snack devil’ is suppressed!

At The Condado Club Gym, we understand your needs and want you to feel SUCCESS!

Don’t forget, you do not need to be a member of the gym to enjoy our Fitness Courses.**

**Terms and Conditions apply.  A health questionnaire must be completed.  The Condado Club Gym reserves the right to refuse admission on medical grounds.

Open from 8am-10pm every day.

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