On Saturday, February 8, the Sports Pavilion ‘La Aceña’ will hold a Technology PARTY LAN from 4 in the afternoon until 7 in the morning on Sunday without interruption. The Councillor for Youth, Silvia García, presented the appointment accompanied by the organizer of the meeting, Marvin García, and the coach of Youth, Francisco Sáez.

“This is a very popular activity for young people,” said Silvia García, “so we want to do it for both young people and children, and also their parents, because, as we have been doing for Youths, we want this LAN PARTY to be enjoyed by the whole family, ”commented the Mayor.

For his part, Marvia García explained that “there will be two distinct zones. On the one hand the ‘LAN’ zone in which the participants will have to register through the web www.logrodesblocking.com and where they must go with their computer or peripheral, and another free zone of official video games of Sony and Microsoft and the latest generation of consoles with the celebration of championships ”.

The conference will be completed with educational talks for the training of young people.

“To request more information you can go to whatsapp 625 355 717 or the Department of Youth” recalled Councilwoman Silvia García who stressed that “the activity is open to anyone who wants to participate and there is no age limit”. The programme can be downloaded on the municipal website www.mazarron.es.