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It has been a very hot summer here in Spain for families visiting and also for the dear families we visit every fortnight.

During July, we were really blessed with donations, especially from our dear friend in the UK. Her name is Colette and despite physical problems after a stroke, she arranged a sponsored sail around a lake to raise funds for us.

A big thank-you to Pat and Maureen who arrange all our Table Top Sales on Camposol B Commercial Centre. Bless them. They are out in all weathers for us. Thank you also to all our supporters who donate on a regular basis. We thank you.

Each time we go out now, we find more people in need; poor souls who have nothing at all. Thank you to Sylvia and Barry for the lovely men’s clothes. They will be gratefully accepted this week. Please continue to help if you can.  The need is always there. God bless you all.

Our collections coordinator is Pat West. If you have any donations, please contact her directly on 968 131 765 or 634 343 730

Arthur & Marge 659 270 885/689 653 987

Email arthurlaws@hotmail.com

Email swaptearsforsmilesspain@yahoo.com