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We have had a very good summer with donations and now the weather is of course changing; so do the needs.  A big thank you to the lady who gave us a pram, buggy and cot. We have 2 ladies who are expecting a new arrival quite soon. We have more than enough baby clothes, but we really need nappies for new-born babies. It would be wonderful if anyone could help with the purchase of nappies.

Thank you to all our supporters in Camposol and surrounding areas. Without your continuing help, we wouldn’t be able to help those who are in real need.

Bless you all.

Our Collections Coordinator is Pat West

If you have any donations, please contact her directly on 968 131 765 or 634 343 370

Arthur & Marge 659 270 885/689 653 987

Email arthurlaws@hotmail.com

Email swaptearsforsmilesspain@yahoo.com