It has been a very blustery beginning to March with chilly evenings and so our families are still in need of blankets and warm coats. Our ladies at The Table Top Sales, despite the strong winds, have raised much needed funds for food. All donations are used to buy food and essentials. We do not take any money for expenses. We do not have overheads.

swap tears 002Some of our families have been unable to pay the electric and water bills and we expect to find some have had to move on again. It’s a cycle we see so much, but there are always other families who contact us for help. Clean drinking water is essential for life, yet we see many who do not have access to such simple a need. We are not in a position to pay utility bills, but we can with God’s help, provide food and essentials.

swap tears 003Thank you for your support and donations. Our families depend on it.

God bless you all for your kindness

Drop off Points
Fortnightly Table Top Sale – Camposol Sector B
Robbo’s Golf Shop, San Javier – Neil & Nikki Robinson
Time Out, San Javier -Gary & Sue

Arthur & Marge 659 270 885/689 653 987