On Saturday 16th December, were honoured through various events , three citizens who have been dedicated various spaces in Puerto de Mazarrón. The first of these areas corresponds to the garden located in the district of San Isidro , which has now been named Pepa ‘La Galla ‘ , the name by which Josefa López Martínez was known by . The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, and two of the sons of the honoured presented a sculpture and plate with a warm memory of this woman who helped her neighbours.


Besides family and friends of Pepa ‘La Galla ‘ , also present at the ceremony was the Deputy Mayor for Planning, Francisco Garcia , and Councillors Isidro Coy, Andres Valera , Juan Miguel Muñoz and José Gómez . One of the granddaughters of Josefa López , Pepi Coy, thanked the neighbours and the Consistory for giving such a recognition to her grandmother , and also remembered her grandfather with love.

After this event the street parallel to “Sevilla” was inaugurated which has been renamed Mateo García Martínez , a newspaper correspondent and radio host who , in addition to numerous chronicles of the village in the media , has donated part thereof to the Municipal Archives . Mateo Garcia himself , accompanied by the Mayor of Mazarrón and said Councillors as well as family and friends , saw the plaque presented in his honour .

Finally, the street next to the Club de Regatas has been renamed Agustín López Cano ‘El Rapao ‘ because of his great relationship with the sea and the neighbouring town of this name who, having served as Boatswain thereof, holds various awards for rescue operations on our shores. Many family and friends of Agustin Lopez accompanied him in this tribute .