The Municipal Cemetery of Mazarrón keeps within its walls interesting stories related to famous, or not so famous, historical figures of the municipality, as well as information that reveals the different periods of time in the Town since the cemetery was inaugurated in 1900. All these stories and data are what make up the guided tours that journalist Miguel Rubio will offer on  Thursday 31 at 9:30pm and Friday 1 at 11am and 12pm.

The deputy mayor of Culture, Ginés Campillo, and the journalist himself made known the details of the activity he repeats for the second year after the good reception he had in his first event. Rubio explained that “for there to be some control, those interested should sign up at the Tourist Office of Puerto de Mazarrón as the visit is intended for groups of between 25 and 30 people.” They will know “both the data of the cemetery that have been collected from studies, archive or official chronicler, as well as those legends that other assistants and acquaintances have told me.”

The activity on this occasion will be supported by a guide on the cemetery that has been edited by the Department of Culture in which data and detailed information about the cemetery are collected that will help participants better understand the idiosyncrasy of the place. The texts of the same have been written by Miguel Rubio himself and is illustrated with photographs by Juan Sánchez Calventus and Paula Rubio Suárez, “very useful for those who want to visit the cemetery on their own.”

Ginés Campillo highlighted the importance of this activity “because the cemetery is part of the Culture of the municipality and its History. For example, we can better understand the times of splendour and decline of Mazarrón by observing the different parts of the cemetery and the economic moments that were experienced. ” Hence, the Councillor for Culture has opted to repeat the activity before the good reception of last year.

In addition, the place has a rich heritage in terms of pantheons and tombs worthy of study. In this sense, the mayor of Culture has added “through the graves, and from the characters that were buried in them, we learn about history in a pleasant way. Someone might think that a guided tour of this kind could be macabre, but nothing could be further from the truth when we talk about promoting the History, Culture and Heritage of our people. ”