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The relationship between Jesus and John the Baptizer is one of the most touching stories in the New Testament. Their mothers, who were relatives and devoted friends, had spent about six months visiting together immediately before the birth of their two sons. It was John who first identified Jesus as the Saviour, introducing him to the people at the Jordan.

As Jesus commenced his ministry, John continued with his; the two often communicating, always keeping in touch, sending messengers back and forth.

When Herod, the King, took for himself the wife of his own brother, John was arrested by Herod, because John was vocally disapproving of Herod’s sin. Herod’s wife hated John. However, after Herod watched a teenage girl’s seductive dance, he gave her the opportunity to ask for anything. At the influencing of her mother, she asked for the head of John the Baptist. John the Baptist, whom Jesus called the greatest born of men, died by beheading at the request of a teenage girl and John was killed that night and his head carried into the Palace on a platter.

Out there somewhere was Jesus – busy, weary, and harassed by the pressure of crowds. To him and his disciples came messengers with the tragic news that John was dead. Receiving this news, what did Jesus do? A simple and totally undramatic thing: he calmly turned to his disciples, perhaps with a heavy sigh, and said softly, “Come apart with me to a quiet place, and let us rest awhile.” That was all, just that.

Losing someone we love really hurts. Grief often takes over and like a vine, begins to choke the life out of our soul. Our emotions are numb. Tears don’t seem to stop. All we want to do is be alone and be by ourselves. Losing a family member or a friend is a very personal and emotional experience. Even Jesus himself experienced the extent of emotions that comes with losing someone. Jesus just wanted to get away to mourn the loss, but he couldn’t get away.

Life is like that isn’t it? It never slows down. You lose a family member or friend and you are back at work the next day like nothing ever happened. All you want to do is get away and be by yourself and grieve, but the demands of life don’t allow it. Life just moves too fast.

This is what He invites us to do – from the daily requirements of the long road, to come apart and gather strength for going on. This is what we do when we come together to worship and sing His praises and this is what we are doing every Sunday morning. Why don’t you come and join us?

October Services – Sunday 10.30am @ Calle Sobrija 2248, Camposol D

7th Songs of Praise

14th Holy Communion

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