There is a story by Hugh Price Hughes titled, The City of Everywhere. In this story a man arrives in a city one cold morning. As he gets off the train, he sees that the station is like any other station except for one thing; everyone is barefoot. No-one is wearing shoes. He notices a barefoot taxi driver.

“Pardon me,” he asks the driver, “I was just wondering why you don’t wear shoes. Don’t you believe in shoes?”

“Sure we do,” says the driver.

“Why don’t you wear them?” asks the man.

“Ah, that’s the question,” the driver replies. “Why don’t we wear shoes? Why don’t we?”

At the hotel it is the same. The clerk, the porter; everybody is barefoot. In the coffee shop he notices a nice looking gentleman at a table opposite him. He says, “I notice you aren’t wearing any shoes. I wonder why?”

“Don’t you know about shoes?” the man replies.

“Of course I know about shoes.”

“Then why don’t you wear them?” asks the stranger.

“Ah, that’s the question,” says the man. “Why don’t we? Why don’t we?”

After breakfast he walks out on the street in the snow, but every person he sees is barefoot. He asks another man about it and points out how shoes protect the feet from cold.

The man says, “We know about shoes. See that building over there? That is a shoe manufacturing plant. We are proud of that plant and every week we gather there to hear the man in charge tell us about shoes and how wonderful they are.”

“Then why don’t you wear shoes?” asks the stranger.

“Ah, that’s the question,” says the man.

Dr Robert E Goodrich told this story in his book What’s it all About? Then he asks, “Don’t we believe in prayer? Don’t we know what prayer could mean to our lives?”

Of course we do; we know about prayer, then, why don’t we pray? Ah, that’s the question. Why don’t we pray? . . . Why don’t we?

A Church Is a Family

Charles E Jefferson once described the difference between an audience and a church. He said, “An audience is a crowd. A church is a family. An audience is a gathering. A church is a fellowship. An audience is a collection. A church is an organism. An audience is a heap of stones. A church is a temple.”

He concludes, “Preachers are ordained not to attract an audience, but to build a church. Christ depends on us.”

Why don’t you come and join our family?

June Services – Sunday @ 10.30am

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3rd Holy Communion (7th Anniversary of the Church – Joint Service)

10th Songs of Praise

17th Morning Prayer

24th Holy Communion

Don’t forget the Flower Festival on June 2nd 11am-3pm