Proverbs 18: 24
There are friends who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.

Friendships are one of God’s blessings in life and I thank God for each of my friends. We’ve spilled out so much laughter and shed some tears together over the years. Friends are true gifts and I hope to bless them with faithful friendship as well.

Stop and think for a minute about why we love our earthly friends.
Is it the ease with which we can call them anytime, day or night?
Is it the fact that before we even mention a need, they have already taken care of it?
Maybe they are just plain fun to be with.

In our darkest days of overwhelming circumstances with no easy solutions, even though friends offer welcome comfort, they can’t always change our situation for the better.
Sometimes other priorities require their attention
Sometimes those we feel closest to move away and we long for friends who stick around whenever we need them.

Each one of us has a ‘Forever Friend’.
Whatever our distressing circumstances or heartaches, this friend knows all about us and loves us unconditionally.
He is never busy, always available, and always kind.
He never moves away.
He is the only Friend who promises (with power to follow through) that He will use all things for the good of His children in conforming us to Christ.

I hope and pray that you recognize Him as such a Friend and that you enjoy lots of time with Him. His name is Jesus, and He stays close forever. Our relationship with Him is one sticky friendship we cannot live without!
Let’s remember that God longs for all of us to know Him as our very best friend.
Let’s ask Him to help us offer a taste of His friendship to someone today.

Why don’t you let us extend a hand of friendship to you or anyone you know; you will be made to feel very welcome. Come along and join us at St Nicholas Church on Camposol.

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