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William’s mother said, “Get up it’s time for school.”
He didn’t answer.

Again she said, “Get up it’s time for school!”
He said, “I’m not going anymore, there are fifteen hundred children in that school and they all hate me.”

Sharply she replied, “You’ve got to go to school!”
“I can’t,” he said, “Even the teachers hate me. Give me one good reason why I should have to go through that misery.”

Looking him in the eye his mother said, “I’ll give you two; first you are 42 years of age and second – you’re the headmaster!”

You may smile, but life is a school, a never-ending education. Pablo Casals, the great cellist was asked why at 85 he still practised five hours a day. He replied, “Because I think I’m getting better.”

Wow! What an attitude!

Peter said, “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

The toughest decision you’ll ever make is accepting responsibility for what you are – and what you can be!

Your mistakes are not the issue, but what you learn from them is. Built into every painful experience is the wisdom to build a better future. All you need is the right teacher and textbook.

When God found Gideon, he was hiding in a cave, thinking, “There’s nothing anybody can do.”

God showed him that he wasn’t a captive to the Midianites, but to his own inferiority, fear and the opinions of those around him. God had the power and the plan to do it; all He needed was Gideon to open his heart and co-operate and the rest is history.

God has things He wants to teach you. The question is – will you let Him?

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