These days there seems to be a vitamin for anyone whose body needs a boost; Vitamin D, Omega 3, B3, B6, B12! The variety of vitamins and nutrients available can be mind boggling. Manufacturers promise they’ll help heal the heart, the kidneys, the immune system and the gut, for starters. There are even vitamins for stronger nails.

“People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4: 4)

Jesus is very clear in this verse that bread and water are not really enough for the kind of living that makes for real health – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Just as vitamin supplements add healthy components to our physical diet, God’s word adds vitality to our spiritual diet.
This should encourage us not only today, but every day. God is our Sustainer, the sustenance for our souls, He offers full access to Himself, and He speaks to us through His word, knowing His word will serve as spiritual nourishment.

Jesus in Matthew 4:4 that Scripture sustains us. More than just a quick snack, it offers us lasting satisfaction and strength. The Lord used Scripture to battle temptation against Satan when He was physically famished. If Jesus – God Himself – used Scripture, we need to be digesting what He has to say in daily portions!

His power and obedience to His word are exactly what we need to survive the onslaught from the enemy and from our own weaknesses. His word leaves us satisfied, strong and ready for battle. (Read 1 Peter 2: 2-3) – A reminder of our need for daily nourishment.

June Services on Sundays @ 10.30am
Calle Sobrija 2248, Camposol D:
4th – Holy Communion (Church Anniversary – Joint Service with our German friends)
11th – Songs of Praise
18th – Morning Prayer
25th – Holy Communion

Cream Tea Party – June 3rd 11am-3pm @ Calle Sobrija 2248, Camposol D

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