We all started off the year with good intentions! “I’m going to give up this or that habit”.

I read about a 78 year old called Aledia. She’d been smoking for over 55 years and couldn’t quit no matter how she tried; that is, until 79 year old Leon fell in love with her and proposed marriage. The only condition was that she quit smoking. Later, Aledia said “Willpower was never enough to get me off that habit – love did it!”

One translation says, “The love of Christ leaves me without a choice.”

Edison fell in love with inventions.
Ford fell in love with cars.
The Wright brothers fell in love with aeroplanes.

Be careful; what you set your heart on is what you’ll surely get!

David said, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

If you merely remove a habit from your life, all you do is leave the vacuum you were trying to fill in the first place. Don’t just remove it; replace it with a better habit! Change your focus. Let Jesus fill the void in your life so completely that you wouldn’t even consider stepping down to lesser things. Fall in love with Jesus today and you’ll find all the strength you need in order to change and overcome.

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