Mazarrón Town Council, through departments such as Sports, Environment and Youth, has been promoting throughout the year various activities that have received a great reception by the citizens of the municipality, whether children, young or old. This is the case of a sports course in fishing with a pole held towards the end of May and was attended by 27 children, as well as several parents who witnessed the class Ginés “El Canas” get involved with different types of fishing , types of gear, fish and even launch systems.

Children who participated in the activity, which had the co-operation of the Department of Sports, enjoyed the practice as well as the theory.

Sunday, June 16 saw a fishing tournament on the beach where diploma coursesand medals as souvenirs were handed out. “Anjupesca” and the hiking club “Amigos de la Naturaleza” also collaborated in the event. It is this latter group that are actively involved with the Department of Environment in conducting schools trips along the “rambla de los moreros” looking for fauna and flora of the municipality.

Within this activity, 23 children and two teachers from CEIP “La Canadica” participated in tracking animal tracks , and creating field notebooks full of a selection of plants. According to the teachers at the school “the activity has been very educational and children have gone home very pleased” There were several footprints found including foxes, dogs, goats, and a pellet (ball of food scraps, hair, bones, skull) of an owl.

Seniors also have the opportunity to participate in activities related to sports and nature as, for example, with the completion of the hiking routes carried out by the Department of Sports and “Amigos de la Naturaleza”. One event included over 60 people travelling to the swamp “Valdeinfierno” and to see the source of the river Luchena. There were about 14 miles of trail full of ravines, river crossings, lots of vegetation and animals such as fish, vultures, herons, tortoises, water snakes and other animals typical of that area. “Amigos de la Naturaleza” thanked the Department of Sports for their collaboration since “many of these routes could not be performed without their help.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, explained that “the appreciation is mutual. Of note is the fantastic work associations and sports clubs are developing in Mazarrón, as they are proving to be essential in order to carry them out. ” The Mayor has said that “it is important they have our full support to carry out these initiatives, that give value to our rich heritage and teach citizens, both inside and outside of Mazarrón, all the things we enjoy and have in our municipality. “