The councillor for Commerce and Consumer products has been developing the guide “Shops near you”. It includes a description of local shops with updated information before the State of Alarm (Lockdown) was declared, where citizens can find shops’ timetables, address, telephone number, and if a home delivery service is offered. The guide can be downloaded on the municipal website under the banner ‘shops nearby’..

Furthermore, Councillor Silvia García, has indicated that those interested in appearing in the guide can send an email to the address: givingthe name and type of establishment, their address, telephone number, location and if they offer a home delivery service,in order to provide greater number of shops, since some of them have no information on the Internet.

The network is proving a great ally at this time of confinement, therefore Ms Silvia Garcia has emphasized the importance for shops to improve their image on the internet by updating their data. To do this, the Councillor advises shops and establishments to include their timetables and telephone numbers either on websites, social network or search engines where potential customers can find the relevant information.

‘Improving their image produces greater brand recognition, greater economic gains and a better perception of the business’ explained the Councillor , who added that ‘everyvtrade plays a part online and knowing how to take advantage of this opportunity will help to better face the current difficulties caused by the health alert, which may be affecting the financial scenario.

Once the State of Alarm is over, the Councillor for Commerce and Consumer Products will launch a plan to support local trade, where citizens are encouraged to use the shopping facilities available in the municipality, and providing at the same time a complete digital transformation for the establishments themselves.