Mazarrón Town Council recently destroyed various trade items seized by the local police in Mazarrón in the fight against illegal sale and trade. Items seized and destroyed were of various kinds such as shirts, polos, pants, underwear, perfume, sunglasses, belts, watches, and CDs among others.

photo-of-seizure-of-goodsThe destruction team visited Councillor for Local Police Hall of Mazarrón, Isidro Coy, the Councillor of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, David Fernandez, Officer of Municipal Police Body, Gerardo Marin, and the Treasurer and Spokesman for the Merchants Association of Mazarrón and Comerca (Acoma), Gabriela Esparza. They have all agreed on the importance of tackling the illegal sale of these items in the municipality in defense of local commerce in Mazarrón.

Isidro Coy stressed that “in order to seize these objects, the local police are conducting a thorough process of organizing and deploying special devices with which we are trying to prevent items from reaching the usual outlets which attract illegal vendors and which are in mainly the weekly markets and the one in Puerto de Mazarrón.”

Meanwhile the Councillor of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, David Fernández, said that “given the difficult economic situation faced by traders in the town, we will do all we can to help. Traders should be aware that the City will continue to ensure their interests of defending local and traditional trade as a source of employment. ” Gabriela Esparza has appreciated the support of the City and has asked the Councillors in attendance that “we stay here and continue to defend the interests of merchants all together.”