Samu is a beautiful young dog about 18 months old. He is a gorgeous creamy golden colour and about 65cm high. He was found in La Campana at the end of January 2018 living rough with a badly cut leg and very hungry. San Animal took him and got the vet treatment he needed; castration and his full set of inoculations. He is now ready for rehoming and would make a fabulous family pet. He likes to play, walk and run and is very receptive to training. He does chase after cats, so would be better in a cat free home.





Bodo is an attractive pointer dog just over a year old, 50cm tall and castrated. He was found wandering the streets before he came to San Animal. He is full of energy, finding joy in the simplest things – his latest trick is chasing butterflies in the campo. He can be a little headstrong on the lead, but is responding well to training and is very affectionate. He would benefit from a person or family that could give him lots of exercise, but would in return be very loyal and loving. Why not arrange to meet him to see if he is the dog for you?

Monthly Dog Walk

Our next Sunday dog walk is on 8th April from our shelter just outside Aguilas. You can bring your own dog, or walk one of our shelter dogs and then join us for a tasty hot breakfast in TJ’s Bar.


We always need people who are able to foster kittens or puppies in their homes, often at short notice. We also need fosterers able to take in adult dogs who aren’t coping well in kennels.

If you would like to meet our dogs or be a fosterer, please contact us through our Facebook page San Animal Santuario, or if you have a Twitter account, you can follow us at @san_animal