The Department of Rural Development of the City of Mazarrón is making improvements on two new rural township roads. This time it is the ‘Camino del Barranco de Secas’ in the hamlet of IFRE-Pastrana and the ‘Camino de Rusticana’ in the hamlet of Garrobo. As explained by the Councillor of the area, Magdalena Mendez, “despite the economic activities in which we have to adjust constraints, we continue undertaking activities in rural areas of the municipality to improve the quality of people who live in them”.

roadworksThe works that are being made in the ‘Camino del Barranco de Sebas’ consist of a stretch of 240 metres long and 4.50 metres wide and involves earthmoving and paving with hot mix asphalt. Magdalena Mendez explained that “this road was in poor condition due to the existence of potholes and uneven in its path. Also they had very irregular pavement areas that prevented the proper circulation of traffic, affecting traffic safety and user comfort. ” These works have involved an investment of 25,524.95€ from City.

The other action being done is in conditioning of ‘Camino de Rusticana’ , 330 metres long and 5 metres wide again involving earthmoving, pipeline water and bituminous hot mix. In this case, Mendez explained that “the road was bumpy and uneven in its path without channeling for rainwater and from greenhouses. In addition, the pavement showing irregular areas also prevented the correct movement of vehicles. ” These works have involved an investment of 35,543€ from the Municipality.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, stressed that “little by little, we consolidate our commitment to rural areas of the municipality with the improvement of various roads that primarily represents a major improvement in road safety.” The Mayor added that “examples of this commitment are two new initiatives that have been adopted today in Local Government that will take place in ‘Caminos de los Muleros’ and ‘Camino del Boro’ in the Districts of Cañadas del Romero and Garrobo”.