How far has God got to go in order to gain your attention?
Have you ever called out to God for help in times of trouble, only to push Him into the background when the pressure’s off?

Are you happy to just drift through life when times are good?
Do you see yourself as a happy go lucky drifter?

After all, when times are tough you can always fall back on God; He’ll always be there.

Our human nature tends to lead us to do what is easiest at the time, but that’s not always what is best.
Is there any real satisfaction in just drifting through life?
Shouldn’t there be more to it?

What’s the direction of your life?
Are you heading towards God or drifting away from Him?
If you’re a drifter, choosing God may seem difficult, but it’s the one choice that puts all other choices in the shade.
God wants us to do more than just drift through life.
He wants us to touch the lives of others.
He wants us to be an influence for Him.

Sometimes we must become involved in painful, messy situations in order to help others.
Sometimes we can be a huge influence with just a smile.

God wants to use you.
God wants your attention.

Is it pride that’s preventing you from getting close to God?
You probably think that you’ve done okay on your own; you’re not prepared to acknowledge what God has done for you.

God doesn’t object to self-confidence, healthy self-esteem or feeling good about yourself for what you’ve accomplished, but He does object to us looking down on others or taking credit for what He has done in our lives.

Being a Christian is not just about what we believe; it’s about the way we live our lives; not just on Sundays, but every day, 24/7.

Why not take time out and spend a few moments giving God your attention? It may change your life for ever.

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