Bi-lingual Evangelical Church in Fuente Alamo
I thought it might be a good idea this month to take a few moments to explain a little about where we are and what we do.

Our new church building is on the outskirts of Fuente Alamo as you head out of town towards Cartagena. Our Sunday morning service lasts for about two hours, but you are free to arrive and leave whenever you like. You will not be put under any pressure to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. You will be made very welcome and invited to just sit and enjoy the love and joy that are a part of belonging to the family of God.

Come and experience the wonderful fellowship shared by many nationalities who love and seek to serve the same Heavenly Father. Come and unburden whatever is weighing heavily on your heart. Share your fears and concerns with people who care, or just sit quietly and do nothing. Feel free just to be yourself.

The services are conducted mostly in Spanish, with a simultaneous translation into English through individual headsets (a bit like the UN!!).

What is preventing you from inviting Jesus into your life?
Do you feel that your life is too complex for God to understand?
Do you feel that you have done too much wrong for Him to forgive?

God created the entire universe and he created you.
Nothing is too difficult for Him.
He is alive today.
His love, His mercy and His understanding are far greater than any problem you will ever face.
They are beyond our comprehension.

Jesus invites you to begin living in a personal relationship with Him right now, but we must respond to His invitation by believing. Many are looking for someone to give them security in an insecure world. Jesus will do that if we are prepared to humble ourselves and follow the path He has chosen for us.

Sometimes we feel as though we don’t understand ourselves, but God’s understanding has no limit. If you feel troubled and think that you don’t understand yourself, remember that God understands you perfectly. Take your mind off yourself and focus on Him. The more you learn about God, the better you will understand yourself.

Our Sunday morning services start at 11.30am at Calle Espinar 13, Fuente Alamo.
For more information telephone Rachel (English) on 618 963 976 or Pastors Ginés and Toñi (Spanish) on 629 283 080