During the months of July and August, residents of neighbourhoods and districts can enjoy a programme dedicated especially to families

Today is the start of ‘Veranos de Barrio’, an initiative proposed by the Department of Celebrations, led by Councillor Miguel Ángel Peña, who has worked, in recent months, together with the Department of Tourism, Celebrations and Culture in the programming dedicated to the summer of 2020

For this, from the Department of Celebrations, it wanted to involve the different neighbourhoods and various districts that make up our Municipality, as they will become the perfect setting during the months of July and August, for the celebration of the different activities scheduled including screening of movies, musicals, puppets and magic for all audiences

In addition, in the San Isidro neighbourhood, on the occasion of the Virgen del Carmen, the concert of ‘Anticyclone’ will be held on July 16, which arrives from the hands of the Department of Youth and on July 18 the local artist Tanya will perform, both at 22:00 h

As revealed by the Councillor of the area a few weeks ago, the activities are completely free and will be carried out always respecting the preventive security measures during COVID-19. “In order to carry out these activities in the different neighbourhoods and districts of the municipality, they are done so that both citizens and visitors do not have to meet at the same place or move to the coastal area, where the activities are scheduled for the summer, in order to avoid crowds”, according to Miguel Ángel Peña

The Mayor of Celebrations stressed that “this is intended to return the feeling of closeness and familiarity among citizens who live together daily and, especially children, can have fun in a different way, with activities where entertainment, learning and culture go hand in hand ”

To do this, the screening of films will be held every Wednesday with the name of ‘Cine de Barrio’, whilst on Thursdays it will be the turn for musicals and on Fridays for puppets and magic. In this way, the activities in the different neighbourhoods and districts will always start at around 10 pm and will be carried out in the following order:


• LA CAÑADICA (Next to Casa de La Cañadica)
Wednesday, July 8: Neighborhood Cinema, ‘How to train your dragon 3’
Thursday, July 9: Children’s Musical, “Shreck is leaving!”
Friday, July 10: Puppets and Magic

• BARRIO SAN ISIDRO (Sports track)
Wednesday, July 15: Neighbourhood Cinema, ‘Champions’
Thursday, July 16 (Activity of the Department of Youth): Concert by the Local Group ‘Anticyclone’
Friday, July 17: Puppets and Magic
Saturday, July 18: Performance by local artist Tanya and monologue player

• CAÑADA DE GALLEGO (Sports track)
Wednesday, July 22: Neighbourhood Cinema, ‘The Adams Family’
Thursday, July 23: Puppets and Magic
Friday, July 24: Children’s Musical ‘Sleeping Beauty’

• LA ACEÑA (Next to the Sports Pavilion)
Wednesday, July 29: Neighbourhood Cinema, ‘The Magic Park’
Thursday, July 30: Children’s Musical ‘The Adventures of La Ratita’
Friday, July 31: Puppets and Magic


• EL SALITRE (Plaza del Salitre)
Wednesday August 5: Neighbourhood Cinema ’10 Days without Mom ’
Thursday, August 6: Children’s Musical ‘Bella y Bestia’
Friday, August 7: Puppets and Magic

• BOLNUEVO (Beach next to the Camping)
Wednesday, August 12: Cine Pets 2 Neighbourhood Cinema ‘Mascotas 2´
Thursday, August 13: Children’s Musical ´Shreck is leaving! ’
Friday August 14: Puppets and Magic

• LA MAJADA (Sports Track)
Wednesday, August 19:  Neighbourhood Cinema ‘Super Lopez´
Thursday, August 20: Children’s Musical ‘The Adventures of La Ratita’
Friday, August 21: Puppets and Magic

• LA ERMITA (Paseo del Santo)
Wednesday, August 26: Neighbourhood Cinema ‘La Pequena Traviesa’
Thursday, August 27: Children’s Musical, ‘Sleeping Beauty’
Friday, August 28: Puppets and Magic

For more information you can consult the following link, where the summer 2020 schedule is fully reflected: http://www.mazarron.es/opencms/export/sites/mazarron/es/turismo/.content/documentos/AYTO .-MAZARRON.-Activities-Summer-2020.pdf