PAPS (Protectora Animales Perros del Sol) is an independent shelter and registered charity (G54504907), based near San Javier,  for the rescue of abandoned and mistreated dogs. Some of the dogs have been found in the streets, some rescued from kill stations, some from shelters closing down and others have been surrendered by their owners who for various reasons can no longer keep them. 

PAPS was set up in 2009 by Yvonne Schallamach originally at another local shelter where Yvonne set up the volunteer programme so that the dogs would get walked 2/3 times a week.  Later Jose Sauras joined PAPS and they rented their own land on the outskirts of El Mirador, San Javier. Kennels were built and the terrain was made dog-friendly with a large free run, which can be sectioned in 4 for the dogs. The dogs only go into their kennels at night. A separate puppy run and an indoor hospital section was also built.

PAPS receives no official funding and relies solely on donations from sponsors, fund raising events and adoption fees.  All the dogs are fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped and get passports as soon as they arrive, which the adoption fee covers.  As a small concern, the shelter can have 40-55 dogs at any one time. Some of these will live the rest of their lives at the Casa, being cared for by PAPS

Apart from Spain and the UK, PAPS dogs have also been re-homed in Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, France, Belgium, Holland, Norway and Sweden.

PAPS needs volunteers to help on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings.  One Saturday a month the dogs get a ‘pamper day’, which involves thorough grooming, ears and eyes cleaning, nails checked and clipped if necessary. Flea and tick drops and worming is done every 3 months.

Anybody wishing to adopt a dog or join the foster team can give Yvonne a ring on 966 769 137 and arrange to visit the kennels to have a look around and meet the dogs.

Dogs can also be sponsored.

For further information visit their Facebook page Support Abandoned Dogs/PAPS Spain or email

Christmas is coming,
The goose has gotten fat.
Our dogs are putting their paws out
As they do not have a hat.
No cosy home for them this year.
No cuddles in front of the fire.
No home full of toys will they have.
Just a few broken pallets and a battered old tyre.
When you are buying your goodies
Will you keep a euro to spare
And help all our furbabies
Have something they can share?

Poem by Jacqui