ORDER OF FEBRUARY 16, 2021 FROM THE COUNCIL OF HEALTH The Region of Murcia continues to be at EXTREME RISK
MAZARRÓN is in LEVEL MEDIUM – HIGH transmission.

🔵RESTRICTED the TRANSIT OF PEOPLE between 10pm and 6am
🔵The limitation of meeting others is maintained at 2️ people, except cohabitants
🔵Non-essential establishments must remain CLOSED between 8pm and 6am
🔵It is prohibited to eat or drinkin public spaces when it is not possible to maintain a safe distance, except cohabitants “Efforts will be made to promote teleworking”
🔵It is limited to 50% capacity in retail establishments
🔵In flea markets it is limited to 75% of stalls
🔵In academies and training centres maximum occupancy of 50%
🔵Use of MASK mandatory at ALL TIMES
🔵In HOTELS and similar common areas, maximum occupancy of 1/3 of the capacity
🔵In libraries, archives, museums or monuments, maximum occupancy of 50%
🔵In theatres, cinemas, auditoriums and circuses … 50% capacity. Minimum distance of 1.5m
🔵Individual sports is allowed in the open air respecting safety measures and hygiene measures and a maximum of 2 people
🔵In sports facilities and centres a maximum of 4 people is allowed
🔵 Gambling and betting rooms. Only 30% capacity, without food or drink service.
🔴PERMANENTLY PROHIBITED in parks, gardens and recreational spaces for public use from 7pm
🔵The hotel and restaurant terraces may occupy 75% of the capacity Maintaining minimum distance of 1.5m between the chairs of different tables
🔵The tables of the terraces in hotels and restaurants may only be occupied by cohabitants  or a maximum of 2 non-cohabitants
🔵The hotel and restaurant premises will close at 8pm, being able to carry out the modalities of home delivery or direct collection until 10pm
🔵After 10pm, it will be possible to continue with food delivery to your home until the usual closing time of the establishment
🔴Closure of day centres for the elderly and people with disabilities
🔴Prohibition of visits and accompaniment in all health centres, public and private