The expression “Started well but fell away”, or for those who see the glass half empty, “Started badly and fell away” describe the way things start to slip away with time.

open door What's OnThe recent Rugby Six Nations showed us that a good start does not mean you end up winning. In sport many factors are at play; fatigue, injury, emotions, not knowing the rules, especially not keeping your eye on the ball! In rugby, your team is at an advantage if it has a heavier pack or a good coach or training, or in fact some knowledge of the rules.

In life, some people start with a few advantages and ‘Rich Kids’ can be the result. One such I read about had everything handed to him on a plate; money, power, position, fame, the rule of a huge kingdom, 1.5 million troops as well as the respect/fear of surrounding nations. His father had battled his way up from shepherd boy to the ruler of the empire he handed down to his son. This ‘Rich Kid’ was renowned for his wisdom and started really well (with a few advantages), but ended badly, with sons who were anything but wise and a kingdom controlled by slavery and high taxes. Of course there had to be a woman in the mix; not just one woman though as this ‘Rich Kid’ called Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. That’s a new one every two weeks during his 40 year rule! Wasn’t he supposed to be wise? In time his wives turned his attention from God as Solomon took his eye off the ball and forgot the rules.

Hebrews coaches us as follows “And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus,…” Hebrews 12 v1, 2. Persevere to win.

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