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Whilst driving in Scotland many years ago in my rebuilt MG Sports car, I had to swerve to avoid an old exhaust system which fell off the back of a scrap wagon in front of me.

At University, a friend of mine was cycling flat out with his head down and pedalled straight into the rear of a parked lorry.  His face was a mess; stitches and bruises for weeks.

Some friends of ours related a story about their friend who similarly, with their head down while cycling in India on rough roads, looked up to see a full grown elephant blocking the road in front of her and she suddenly had to take avoiding action.

Whilst travelling recently and listening to travel reports, we heard something had been dropped onto the motorway we were approaching. Further updates clarified that it was a forklift! Can you imagine driving along, rapidly approaching a forklift parked on the motorway; or a stationary lorry; or an elephant; or an exhaust system?

We have recently appreciated the Sat Nav getting us around, but it cannot adjust quickly enough to avoid all the obstacles like the exhausts, elephants and forklifts of life. Life is unpredictable (see above).

The Bible recognizes that there are obstacles in life, but it is better to remove these obstacles; “And it will be said: ‘Build up, build up. Prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.’ Isaiah 57 v 14”

These obstacles in a spiritual sense are things which hinder a realistic appreciation of where we fit in the scheme of things and an understanding of God’s love and restoration. We cannot get around these obstacles, so perhaps we should just recognize them as such and then ask God to deal with them?

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