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They say ‘beggars can’t be choosers’, but I wonder about our choices at times. When we had a shop, one of our frequent visitors, not a customer though as she never actually bought anything, was a woman in her 60’s who used to come in and ask for money; two to three times each week. In the end we had to put her on the budget for the following year. On more than one occasion she complained about the drinking water we supplied not being cold enough. Our business was struggling during the recession and our frequent visitor complained that we were not giving her enough!

Recently, a relatively young chap stuck his hand out in front of me and when I queried why he couldn’t work he said “infirmo a cabeza”, ie some form of mental illness.

Over the years we have had many discussions with friends about whether we should give to people who beg.  Apart from perhaps the shop woman, if we added up the change we hand out over a year, it probably wouldn’t amount to much.

Anyway, the choice is yours. How sad that people get to the point where they seem to have run out of choices.

‘Beggars can’t be choosers’. How would you cope with a situation so grave that the only choices left are beg or starve?  Jesus helped a lot of beggars on his travels; blind, lame or unwell. One blind beggar asked Jesus to “Have mercy on me”.

Luke 18 v 38: The crowd told him to be quite.  Jesus had the choice to help or please the crowd and simply ignore the beggar. The blind beggar was out of choices like those perhaps we encounter every day.

What do you do with your choices, assuming you are not a beggar?         

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