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I believe we all have some quirks, either obvious or not, which makes us all odd to some extent. We are good at spotting these peculiarities in others, but what about ourselves?

From checking a door lock twice, to always leaving a light on, or washing your hands a certain way, or chewing your food so many times with each mouthful, not to mention morning or evening routines, do you recognise anyone?

One of my quirks, much to the disgust of my family, is to remove road kill from the road. I don’t take the carcass home. I simply move it off the road, but I do not pick up every rabbit, bird, or snake. What do you think I am? I do remove cats, dogs, badgers and hedgehogs. Recently in Scotland I spotted a dead deer, but because of the traffic, I decided it would be better to move it on my return journey. However, upon my return, I could not find said deer and indeed on the same journey the next day it was gone! Is there someone else with the same quirk, or has another animal simply dragged it off the road to eat it – who knows?

If there is a problem with this behavior, family aside, it is that I am not entirely sure why I do it. Cats and dogs were probably pets and I don’t like the idea of them becoming mush under the wheels of uncaring traffic. Badgers and hedgehogs – probably the only time you see them up close is when they are road kill and this seems unfair for some reason don’t you agree?

Surely if we are made in God’s image, God must have some quirks as well? The obvious one is that He loves us even though we have no time for Him.

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