A Winter’s Day on Noah’s ARC’s Van (or geriatric removals strikes again!)

18th January 2017 – The van crew assembles and van book checked. 1st job is at Torre Pacheco!

noah's arc snow in the campo10am – Weather cold, but skies clear and bright. We load the van with assorted mattresses and bed bases. Ivan looks up at the skies. “I wonder if the heater on the van works?”
“Don’t worry,” I say. “The cab warms up really quickly in the sun.”
“Yeah, I suppose so,” says Ivan doubtfully.

10.15am – A few pitiful white specks drift lazily down from a bright azure sky. “It’s snowing,” says Ivan.
“That’s not snow,” I scoff.

10.30am – With grey clouds building and the temperature plummeting, we set off for Torre Pacheco.
11am – God has decided that it will snow in southern Spain and that Ivan, Mark and I deserve everything we get. No amount of twisting dials, cursing, stamping feet etc. makes any difference. The heater on the van does not work.

11.30am – We reach Torre Pacheco, with snow falling heavily and streets 8″ deep in running water. We unload and at 12pm, as soon as we get back in the van the windows mist up and I give vital instructions. “Ok lads, try not to breathe!”

We head back, feeling in our feet, knees, hands and other bits fading fast. Mark, beside me, clears ice (yes, ice!) and condensation from the windscreen so I can see to drive. We drive stoically on with snow disconcertingly starting to settle and the bulldog spirit turning increasingly more toy poodle until, heroically, we make it back, a swift pit stop at the Vista Bar to warm up and on to the next job.

Ways To Help

If you would like to help in our shops, man the van or walk the dogs please contact us. To arrange collection of any unwanted household items just pop into our Camposol shop or phone to arrange an appointment.


If you would like to offer a permanent or foster home for any of our dogs needing help please get in touch.

Donations or sponsorship can be made through our website www.noahsarcmurcia.com, our Facebook page at NoahsArc Mazarron or in our shops on Camposol or Puerto de Mazarrón. These are open 10am-2pm. Monday to Saturday.

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