Mazarrón Town Council recently gave due recognition to 4 athletes from Mazarrón Taekwondo Club for their recent achievements. Juan Mendez, Ruben Garcia, Antonio Mendez and Marina Moreno received congratulations from Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, the Councillor for Sports, Andres Valera, and the Councillor of Citizen Participation, David Fernandez, in a ceremony held in the Salón de Plenos de las Casas Consistoriales in front of various friends and family.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, while congratulating the athletes expressed pride “in our town to have these outstanding athletes, not only achieving success at Regional level but also at National and sometimes also Internationally. ” The Mayor highlighted the important work involving the Municipal Sports Schools to train athletes like these and expressed the commitment of the government team “to further promote and support the sport in the municipality clubs and sports schools.”

TAEKWONDOThe Coach of Club Taekwondo Mazarrón, Pedro Alonso, accompanied by Club President Angel Morales, gave thanks “to recognize the effort and achievements of the athletes in this way” thanking the support from both Mazarrón Town Council, as well as parents of the athletes. Alonso said, “This sport requires a lot of effort because you have to maintain a certain weight, and as you grow, it is difficult to keep” and encouraged “all Mazarrón athletes and their coaches to continue training them as people and athletes.”

Meanwhile, the Councillor of Sports, Andres Valera, said the values represented in youth sports that were honoured is “the desire to excel, perseverance, self-discipline, responsibility, co-operation, honesty, loyalty, etc. And desirable qualities that can be achieved through sport “. Valera also noted that the game “is deeply rooted in Mazarrón thanks to athletes like these and their successes are envied throughout the Region.” Ginés Campillo and the Councillor for Sports gave some gifts to athletes after detailing the career and sporting achievements of each.