Mazarrón’s festivities will have 3 main points of celebration – one in the Marquee located in the Plaza del Convento, another in the Marquee in Plaza del Ayuntamiento for daytime activities and the Mercado de Abastos de la Cresta del Gallo where for another year the gastronomic meeting ‘Gastrogallo’ will be held. In addition, the fair will be installed on the esplanade of the Coexto and there will be a train connecting the fair with the Plaza del Convento. This was announced by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, along with the Councillor of Festivities, Miguel Ángel Peña, who presented both the programme and the book of the festivities.

As the Mayor revealed, “the book is illustrated on its cover and back cover by two paintings by the Mazarronera artist Isabel Guillermo, who opened the celebrations with her proclamation, and also revealed that 1€ from the sale of each copy of the book will go to AFIBROMAZ.

The Councillor of Celebrations, Miguel Angel Peña, highlighted some of the most important events of the programme. The Mayor said that, after the celebration of the proclamation “we resume on Thursday 28 with the inauguration of the Antonio Paredes Museum dedicated to mining at 9pm. On Friday, November 29, the tapa route will begin and the festival of the elderly will be held in the Marquee. At night, an exhibition dedicated to the painter Párraga will be inaugurated at CIME and in the Marquee there will be a tribute to “El último de la Fila y Manolo García”.

On Saturday 30 “it will be the children’s election gala at 4pm and also the election of youth queen from 9.30pm, both in the municipal tent and with a subsequent performance by La Low. On Sunday, December 1, it starts with the ‘Domingo Valdivieso’ outdoor painting contest and it is also the day of the floats. From 4pm there will be a performance in Plaza del Convento with David Andreu and Local Djs and at 9.30pm it’s the turn of the Maestro Eugenio Calderón Association with a symphonic tribute ”.

Monday 2nd at night is the time of the districts and their coexistence with a performance by Los Caporales. On Tuesday 3rd in the morning there is a solidarity marathon and at 6pm is the exhibition of dance schools. That night there will also be a party with indie music. On Wednesday 4th we have the Mass for the miners in the Sanctuary of La Purísima at 7.30pm and from 10pm the Nothingan Prisa concert. All these will be held in the marquee in Plaza del Convento .

On Thursday 5th we have “the inauguration of Gastrogallo at 12 noon and also the inauguration of the day fair at 4pm with Jota Rock in the Marquee of the Town Hall square. At night, in Plaza del Convento we will celebrate the 2nd edition of the Almazarrock. Friday 6th is the day of institutional events with the tribute to the victims of the Mauthausen concentration camp, the commemoration of Constitution Day and Tomato Day. In the day fair Mara Bag Band will perform and in the Plaza del Convento at night the renowned Orchestra La Mundial takes place.

On Saturday 7th “we will have junior gastrochef in the morning at the Cresta del Gallo, the Tracks group at the Day Fair and at night the concert of Maki and María Artes in the Plaza del Convento, the only performance that is charged for – a price of 3€.

Finally, Sunday 8th is the day of our patron with its solemn religious function at 12 noon. Fastfood will perform at the Day Fair and in the afternoon it will be the mass and procession with the image of La Purísima. Finally, to close the festivities a ye-ye party will take place in the Plaza del Convento ”.


• MUNICIPAL CARP OF THE CONVENT: Copo de Oro, Maypu, Bernardo Velasco and El Mata
• TOWN HALL DAY FAIR: Jade, Privé, Mavi and MV
• GASTROGALLO MARKET OF SUPPLIES: Nueva Bodeguita, D`tapas, Hora de Comer, Fizz Gastrobar, La Meseguera, Canela, La Perra Chica and Amorina Reposteria