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Christmas is on the horizon!!

Chicken Run Winners 2017

At the end of October a ‘Chicken Run’ was organised by Harry Male.  30 plus players turned out for this fun day which started with a ‘Spider’ which is where the jack is placed in the centre of the rink and all the players stand around the edge and, on the whistle, bowl their woods.  It is pure luck as to who gets nearest the jack as the woods are knocking into each other across the rink sending them in all directions.

Andrew Bunce – Spider Winner

This year the ‘Spider’ winner was Andrew Bunce, who spends the winter in Mazarrón with his family from Cornwall.  The winners on the day were Barbara Tottey, Gillian Morris and Wendy Reynolds who all went home clutching their chickens!!

The Leagues are now in full swing with the players in the South Alicante Bowls Voyager League doing very well and, at the time this article was written, were top of their League Division.  The LLB League players in Division A haven’t had such an easy time, but with the teams now ‘gelling’ well together, the prospect is looking good for them.

The Club Championships are well underway and have produced some surprising wins for some players.

More fun days were planned for November with an Australian Pairs match and a ‘multi hand, bowling through your legs match’ organised by the Captain.

Mazarrón Bowls Club looks forward to welcoming any new people that wish to try the game of bowls, or established players wishing to take up the game in Spain.  All are welcome at Thursday roll-up days; 10am for a 10.30am start.

Further details can be obtained from our website Mazarronbowlsclub.webs.com or from the Secretary, Sue Hattrell at mazarronbc@live.co.uk