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John Smith Trophy Competition.

Sunday 1st July was notable for two reasons:

Jiimy and Brian – Can’t both claim the shot!

Firstly it heralded the first day of earlier starts for summer events, 9.30am for 10.00am start of play, in an attempt to avoid or at least minimise exposure to the sun at the middle of the day – including start times for the Club rollup days during July and August.

Secondly Sunday 1st July was the day scheduled to compete for the John Smith Trophy, named after an original founder member and first Captain of the Club who is now living in England but still following the fortunes of the Club with interest.

The day of the John Smith Trophy Competition started off with a fun ‘spider’, won by Gill Appleton when her bowl somehow found its way to the target midst a myriad of other bowls. Thereafter 24 mixed pairs got down to playing to an Australian Pairs format which unusually required the players in each pair to take turns to act as skip; good fun, but more walking involved than usually the case – and in the mounting heat!

Winners- Barbara Tottey and Brian Wright.

Starting off like teams in the Football World Cup, with 3 teams in each of 4 groups, the winners in each group progressed through to a semi-final after lunch and onto a final in the mid-afternoon. In that final Barbara Tottey paired with Brian Wright emerged triumphant as winners of the competition by just managing to overcome Jan Matthews paired with Jimmy Cochrane, but even then only by playing an extra end to decide. Both teams had close squeaks on the way – the eventual winners Tottey and Wright won by just only one shot against Alan Benton with Anne Macfarlane to enable them to progress from the group stage, while the tournament runners-up Matthews and Cochrane needed a count-back on cumulative shots to progress ahead of Gill Appleton with Dave Lloyd at the same stage.

Runners up – Jan Matthews and Jimmy Cochrane.

Event organiser Gordon Tottey assisted Competition Secretary, Colin Appleton to present the trophy and prizes (donated by Jardineria El Milagro, Bolnuevo) to the winners and prizes to the runners-up.

Special congratulations to Barbara Tottey who figured as runner-up in the Richard Cooper Trophy earlier in the year and has now laid hands on the John Smith Trophy as well.

It is also interesting to note that Gill Appleton and Dave Lloyd mentioned above are both ‘new’ bowlers with less than one year’s experience in the sport, while Jan Matthews and Jimmy Cochrane as runners-up in this competition were ‘new’ bowlers only two years ago. Increasingly our newest bowlers are proving their skills after careful coaching, principally by Colin Appleton.

Anyone interested to take up the sport of Lawn Bowls, or keen to renew their interest, will be welcome to come along to any of our Club Days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, ready to play at 10.30am.

Contact Colin on 605 492 937 or Jimmy Cochrane on 653 093 840 or email the secretary at mazarronbowlsclub@outlook.com

More information at www.mazarronbowlsclub.webs.com