We’re going to open this month with rather a sad story.

This is Cari, a young German Shepherd. She was found at the roadside having been knocked down. She had a broken front leg and a badly broken back leg. She was taken to the nearest vet in Guadamar who operated on her legs. A staff member fostered her, but she felt the dog was not improving. Cari had a reaction, possibly to the metal and she had to go back to the vet. This lovely vet said she would keep Cari in her surgery with no charges. A second opinion was sought and a top animal orthopaedic vet confirmed the legs were not improving. He could do the two intricate operations in his surgery in Alicante. THE COST….4,500€.
She has now been waiting one year in a large crate unable to move.
MAMAs – due to the large amount and so many other requests for assistance are unable to offer very much. In order to try and evoke a response we decided to put an appeal out through our usual page.
The vet has kept her occupied, fed and lots of attention, but it’s a far from ideal situation for this beautiful soul.

We started a full-on fundraiser by doing a car boot at a local restaurant. We will put tins with Cari’s photo on around the town for any loose change. We are going to set up a ‘GO FUND ME’ page as well. We know there are those that feel enough is enough, but look in those brown eyes and you can sense her desire to live a full and active life with a wonderful family.

If anyone could help us with fundraising, we would be so grateful.
Richard will be on carpark B Camposol 10am-12pm on Tuesday as usual if you have a donation for Cari. GOOD LUCK YOU GORGEOUS GIRL.

As usual, we need your donations and your presence in our shop in Puerto de Mazarrón, past Lidl carrying on straight until Consum and the O’Clock Bar on the left. Turn here and Calle San Juan is third on the left.