Lewis – was very kindly adopted by a couple who love him to bits and were worried when he got snappy when his head was patted. Investigations at Paco’s plus a specialist MRI scan found he had some inner ear problems which needed specific medication. MAMAs were called to the rescue and now Lewis is feeling better and back to carrying his owner’s hat back from his walkies!

How do we raise the money to assist?

We couldn’t do it without your donations! We appreciate clean second hand clothes and small electrical items. Of course pots ‘n pans and any bric-a-brac you are ready to part with, send them our way. You can drop them off at the shop when you pay us a visit or go to; Camposol B Lower Car Park

Every Tuesday Richard stands forlorn and waiting for your passing by to cheer him up and drop your items off! Pick a book up or a cd or film. He is there from 10am-12pm.

Where Are We?

MAMA’s shop is in Puerto de Mazarrón on Calle San Juan, past the Lidl and Mercadona shopping centre until you see Consum on the left and the O’clock Bar opposite.  We are on the third road on the left opposite a small park.

What Have We Got For You?

The shop is full of goodies – fridge/freezers, fridges, washing machines small electricals like hair-dryers, curling tongs, radios etc., suites, beds, lamps, clothes and shoes and much more.  Why not call in and see for yourself.

Do You Need Our Help?

If you have rescued an animal and find yourself with an emergency bill, go to the vets for an initial consultation and quote, then drop it into the shop. We have a meeting once a month to discuss how much we can give to each request. Unfortunately, due to a recent bad experience with someone taking advantage, we have to insist on the quote being dropped in and picked up and signed for by the owner and the voucher will be valid for one month after issue.

We are a charity and the staff work hard to make money to give away to needy causes, as do all the other charities.  Thankfully this incident was brought to our attention and it won’t happen again as we will be more stringent in future!

Tel 666 186 037



Helping you helping animals.

Registered charity No 9537/1a