Caramello – This poor dog was found abandoned and in pain on the street by a local Spanish lady. Caramello (named for her colour) was taken straight to the vets and required an urgent operation to remove a tumour. Her rescuer hadn’t been expecting to have to pay a bill for a new dog, so she came to MAMAS for advice and we gladly contributed so that the treatment needed could be done immediately. Caramello is now recovering from her operation and settling into her new home.

Cari Update

Last month we featured a request for help with Cari, the unfortunate dog who had been run-over and left with two badly broken legs. First of all we first would like thank everyone who donated, which means we now have a substantial amount of the money needed for the operation. Cari has now been transferred to a rescue charity in Madrid called Bichosraros.  They are a large organisation who have had a lot of experience in dealing with injuries of this severity and they are already arranging for the operations that Cari needs. If anyone would like to see the work they do just look-up their website

We are still raising money to complete payment for the operation, so if you wish to donate, please contact MAMAS or call on our collection point on Camposol B Car Park on Tuesdays 10am-12pm.

We are here to help you

The above is just an example of what we do every month. If you need financial assistance for your pet due to illness, accident or maybe just spaying to prevent any future accidents, please contact us.


We are taking a fortnight’s break in August to get some relief from the weather so the shop will close from Monday 12th to Monday 26th. We will still be around though, so if you need help or have items you urgently need picking up, contact us and we will arrange something.

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