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I remember writing the September news sweating in the August heat. A little different now with the recent rains! It set me thinking about Noah when he said “yes” to God to build an enormous boat in the middle of nowhere, countless miles from any water! In the end it proved to be the right decision. Same with us at times when we are called on by our Father to make decisions that may seem out of place!

Faith is a difficult subject to discuss in such a short article, but one way of looking at it is; in whom, or what, can we put our trust in today’s world? Life seems so secure until…the unexpected happens. It is surprising then how often we utter a prayer or a curse to a God that we don’t normally pay any attention to. We all need to believe in something.

The old faithful verses of John 3.16 still stands; “God so loved the world (you and me) that He gave his son Jesus to die on the cross for us and that if we believe in Him we will have everlasting life”. That is a promise that never fails.

We started our new season of the ‘English Speaking Branch’ of The Alpha Centre at 10am on 9th September. Our Spanish friends join us for coffee and cake at 11.30am and they have their service later.

We have started a series of talks studying 2 Corinthians, which could easily be titled “A spiritual health warning to the Church!” Many of the things Paul had to deal with in writing this letter to the Church in Corinth in 55 AD are so similar to what the wider Church in 2018 AD needs to hear. This is interesting as we have had the Cartagena/Roman pageants these last weeks and Cartagena had yet to hear the Gospel of Jesus that Paul was sharing in other parts of the Mediterranean.

We are a friendly bunch of people at Mar Menor Church; more elderly (in body not mind!) than young, from different backgrounds and denominations. The concept that binds us together is one Father, one Jesus, one Holy Spirit and the desire to do what the Bible teaches – Love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and love your neighbour as yourself.

Come and join us.

More details on our website www.marmenorchurch.org

Email info@marmenorchurch.org