We are now going into the cooler months; perhaps!! 

Last month we were able to help two families who were in difficulty with purchasing books for their children. As you may or may not know, parents are responsible for the supply of school books and on average it can cost 300€ per child for these essential items. 

This month we are donating to several projects; one is to a local Orphanage with a donation of 500€. We have also made a donation to a charity who offers therapy to children with rare and debilitating conditions in the Murcia area. 

We will continue to help individual families and people who come to our shop in Puerto de Mazarrón asking for our assistance. We ascertain as to whether these are genuinely in need and help them where we can.

An email has been sent to schools and colleges in our area to offer our assistance in purchasing items they may need that they cannot get the local or regional authority funding for. For example two laptops were donated to a local school in Mazarrón for the use in the school’s library to enable students working on several projects to have internet access to assist them in these projects. Educational funding was just not available for this type of outlay, but the school in turn made a collection of children’s clothing which was donated to us enabling us to distribute to families in need of these items.

These and subsequent aid and donations could not be possible without the help of our supporters and volunteers. We are always in need of quality items to sell in our shop to enable us to fund our aid programme. Our van is at the Commercial Centre car park on Camposol A every Tuesday morning from 10.30am-12pm. You can bring donated items here and you can also call Terry on 603 389 006 for any large items. You can also call Anne on 638 338 674 if you are in the Camposol area for any smaller items at any other time.

We thank you for your continued support in enabling us to Make a Difference to so many people in our area.