We would like to thank all our supporters for their continued support over the past months whilst we have been re-structuring the charity. This has been a transition period for us to set out our future aims to help those most in need in our community.

Our van will now resume at the car park on Camposol A on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm for any donations you wish to pledge to us. Our shop opening times are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10am-1.30pm.

making a difference 17103689 670479766458024 8788258468341982291 nOur aims are to continue to help those families who are most in need. We will still be working with Social Services, The Red Cross and Caritas. Newly registered families with Social Services have a short fall of 3 weeks whilst their claim is processed, therefore we will be able to step in and help with food and other essential items. We are looking into the possible proviso for children to have regular dental, hearing and eye check-ups to detect any health problems they may have. School books are a concern for many families. At 300€ per child they are beyond the means of many families, therefore helping with the cost of essential subject books would be a considerable help in the education of these children.

making a difference mad do (5)On 20th May at Bar Med in Puerto de Mazarrón, the sum of 150€ was raised on our behalf, so we would like to thank all those who attended this event.

Farewell to Martin Ross – Saturday 8th July
Martin Ross and The Beagles, are saying goodbye for the last time. The Gekkos will also be there and some members of the ‘q Tips’, Paul Young’s original band. It promises to be a fabulous evening outside Tel’s and Cat’s Bar on Camposol A commencing at 8 pm. 2€ to a reserve a table can be purchased at any of the two bars. All proceeds to MAD, so please come along and support this event.

making a difference 51IqZFU5i7L. SL500 AA280 We are aiming to resume our Table Top Stall on Camposol B Commercial Centre in the Autumn, so we are appealing for some volunteers to pledge their help.

For van collections of donated items and deliveries please call Graham on 603 389 006
Shop 634 321 161
Email madmazarron@live.com