The hamlet of Majada started it’s 9 days of fiesta in honour of La Purísima last Saturday.

On Sunday, the little ones enjoyed games and a water party followed by board games and championships, the board game championships being continued yesterday and today.

On Wednesday, September 4, the neighbors of La Majada will present the delicious cakes that are tasted in the closing of the fiesta,  accompanied by chocolate.

On Thursday 5, the bulk of the programme begins with the proclamation of the festivities by Rosa Jorquera, neighbour of the district. The night will feature the performance of Pedro ‘El Flamenkito’ and the election of Miss Majada, Mister Majada and Queen of the Parties.

Friday 6 begins at 9:30pm with the inauguration of an exhibition of crafts by the women of La Majada, which will be followed by the VI Dance Festival with the participation of dance schools’ Juan Antonio Iglesias’ and ‘De Rosa’. The night will close with the best music by DJ “resident” Little Nookie.

On Saturday, September 7, from 12.45pm, a snack will be provided offered by the restaurant ‘La Inesperada’ of ham and cheese, while the festival commission will provide potatoes cooked with garlic. At night, after 10pm, the great costume dance will take place that will be enlivened by the performance of the musical group ‘It is never too late’, artist Damián Ros and Dj Little Nookie. It will also be the night that the popular piñata is celebrated with a lot of prizes and the election of Miss and Mister Visitor.

September 8 is the patron’s day and, after falling on Sunday, the mass and subsequent procession with the image of La Purisima will be celebrated from 11:30am. At 2pm you can taste a huge giant paella that, as usual, is made by the friends of Puntas de Calnegre. At 4pm there will be a run of ribbons on horseback and an hour and a half later the performance by the artist ‘David Andreu will take place. The day, and the celebrations, will end with the tasting of the traditional chocolate pestiños.