MABS Cancer Support Fundación’s mission statement is “To care, comfort and counsel people affected by cancer.”

Cancer, in all its forms, is estimated to affect one of us every minute of every day.
Cancer cares not for who you are, what you do, what you think or where you are from.
Cancer cares not that it affects a close family member or relative, or a friend, or of course ourselves.

MABS Cancer Support Fundación is available to anyone of any nationality who needs help as a result of being:

  • Diagnosed with cancer.
  • Affected by a spouse or partner having cancer.
  • Bereaved due to cancer.
  • In respite from spouse or partner with cancer.

MABS is here to help and are ever only a phone call away.

What does MABS Mazarrón do?

  • Provides practical help, support and equipment for local people who have been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Arranges hospital or doctor’s appointments.
  • Provides transfers to those diagnosed with cancer to hospital appointments.
  • Arranges translations by our panel of dedicated translators attending medical appointments relating to their cancer treatments etc.
  • Provides equipment from wheel chairs to specialised beds for those diagnosed with cancer.
  • Gives advice and counselling to those diagnosed and their families at the end of the phone.

MABS Mazarrón is currently supporting 97 patients and so far this year they have assisted with:
438 appointments
387 translations
129 drives
32 equipment loans
MABS Mazarrón Respite Home
Our respite home on Avenida Los Cavachos, Camposol B is dedicated to the first class provision of Respite Care and Hospice care, with 24 hour care being given to residents by 2 legally registered Care Agencies.

What do we need?

Our fantastic volunteers are working really hard to meet these demands, but we need more people to become volunteers to lighten the load. We have vacancies for volunteers in our shop, patient drivers, van workers, carers, fundraisers and admin support. If you have a few hours spare each week and would like to be part of our great team, please get in touch at or call into our Respite Home on Camposol.

MABS Mazarrón Shop in Totana

We rely on donations from you; clothes, bric-a-brac, furniture and larger items etc. to be sold in our shop in Totana at Carretera Mazarrón just before the Telepizza place as you come in to Totana from the RM3.

We have donation boxes for the collection of clothes, bric-a-brac etc. in Alley Palais, Camposol B, The Golf Club House, Camposol C and our Respite Home. Furniture and larger items can be collected by our van by Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Helpline 620 422 410
Collections 634 313 478

Thank You

Huge thanks and appreciation to:
Camposol Golf Association for their kind donation of 650€

The Salud Bar Golf Society for their kind donation of 230€ raised from a sponsored head shave by Pete Marshall.

Future Events

Here are the registration details for the MABS Golf Tournament at Hacienda del Alamo – register now! If you would like to promote your business, why not sponsor hole? Please get in touch. Raffle prizes or auction items also gratefully received – thank you!