This Thursday, August 1, begins the festivities of the hamlet of Los Rincones and they do it with the traditional transfer in honour of San Cayetano. Specifically, at 7pm a mass will be held at the Santuario de La Purísima de Mazarrón, which will continue with the transfer of the Saint to Los Rincones. Drums, bugles and troveros will accompany the Saint during this journey.

The festivities will continue on Friday, August 2 at the Mazarrón fairgrounds, where the proclamation by Juan Carlos López Moreno is scheduled at 10pm. Then, the Queens of the Fiestas and Mister Youth and Children will be chosen and Filiu, with his pop flamenco, will liven up the evening. During the night there will be a piñata with prizes and gifts.

On Saturday, August 3, there will be a stick-chicken contest at 7pm and foam party an hour later. At 9pm the dance group ‘De Rosa’ will perform and then it will be the turn of singer Maribel Castillo. At 11pm the traditional migas contest will take place for which the festival commission will distribute the oil and flour. Another great piñata with prizes will complete the night.

Finally, on Sunday, August 4, the festivities will continue at 8pm with a performance by the theatre group ‘Los Solterones’. At 9pm the dance school of Juan Antonio Iglesias will perform and, after this performance, it will be the turn of the crews of the Torres de Cotillas and El Paretón. A final piñata will put an end to this year’s parties that take place at the Mazarrón fairgrounds.