September Competition Camposol

The annual ‘clash of the Titans’ match between Los Amigos Golf Society (LAGS) and Fuente Old Guard Golf Society (FOGGS) was eagerly awaited by all the neutrals who follow blood sports.

  Sadly they were all disappointed as FOGGS were unable to muster sufficient players to form a quorum! I’m sure the taunts of ‘chicken’ and ‘cowards’ were totally uncalled for and unfounded!!!

Instead, having danced around the problem for a few days, the LAGS committee organised a ‘Waltz’ competition where the scores of 1234, 1234, 1234 would count.  Forty six members participated, but sadly a two ball had to be included which didn’t go down too well with the pair concerned. Sorry Don and Ray… but it’s time to get over it now!!!
Hazards on golf courses are interesting and varied. Trees are always planted in the ‘line of sight’, bunkers are strategically placed to catch the unaware and lakes are always of tempting proportions. To these we must now add railway sleepers!  Most players consider railway sleepers as an enhancement of the course’s aesthetic properties, defining the course boundaries and generally sharpening a courses appearance. For others however they are sworn enemies.  On the 3rd tee our beloved secretary drove off only for the ball to hit a railway sleeper which was peacefully minding its own business and protecting a buggy path. The ball flew upwards and backwards and came to rest just in front of the tee box!  Filled with ‘venom and hate’, Secretary Ron smashed his second shot at warp factor speed.  It hit the same sleeper, but this time it rebounded onto the fringe of the green……of the second hole!!!

lags September 2016 winnersOthers fared somewhat better and some good scores were recorded, the results being:
1st with 102 points: Peter Stocks, Geoff Ewins, Roger Olorenshaw and Frank’s Stevens.
2nd with 90 points: Tony Pickworth, Glenn Read, Graham Cooper and Bernie McCluskey
3rd with 86 points: Mick Drummond, Alex Petas, Willie Crosby and Alan Benton.
Nearest the Pin winners were:
Hole 13 at 6.8m – Dennis Fisher
Hole 3 at 4.3m – Gordon Neilson
Hole 5 at 5.1m – Keith Collins
Hole 11 at 2.85m – Peter Stocks

A good day was followed by post match tapas which were provided by The Club House, Camposol and eagerly devoured and greatly appreciated by all the participants. Another great LAGS day out.