The Los Amigos Golf competition for April was held at our local course at Camposol. Organised by Vice-Captain Les, we were split into two groups and teed off simultaneously on Tee no.1 and Tee no. 10.

Glenn’s ‘Gladiators’ led the charge on the first. Meanwhile, Tee No.10 was led by Gerry and his ‘Pacemakers’. Unfortunately, two members had to drop out at the very last minute. First casualty was Dennis, (Monsieur le Secretaire), suffering from ‘Man ‘Flu’. Second casualty was Tony, (the Drummer Boy from Illinois, Northants.) who, instead of going crash, boom, bang, went sick with a recurrence of a long term injury. In Tony’s case, crash or CRACK, means driver hitting ball, BOOM is the ball going supersonic and BANG is the ball re-entering the atmosphere and landing some distance down the fairway.

lags Winner Division 3. Les JalesOne member, an ex-PC, displayed driving skills of a different kind. Proceeding along the fairway in an orderly fashion, he caught his foot between the accelerator and the brake on his buggy. Witnesses reported what happened next as having two possibilities:
First possibility: with one leg at right angles to the direction of travel, he commenced a circular manoeuvre that resembled the basic requirements of the Keystone Cops’ advanced driving course.
Second possibility: he tried to emulate a one winged aircraft trying to take-off on a circular runway.
Calling for help from his former police partner would have been to no avail as his dog is now retired.

After an excellent supper meal in the Camposol Golf Club restaurant, Vice-Captain Les Dryden announced the results and presented the trophies as follows:
Division 1: Winner with 32 points, Keith Davis. (On countback from Harry Pearson).
Division 2: Winner with 30 points, Arthur Anthoney.
Division 3: Winner with 27 points, Les Jales. (On countback from Allen Evans).

lags Nearest the Pin winner Keith CollinsNearest the Pin Winners:
Hole 3: Chris Jowett
Hole 5: Gordon Neilson
Hole 11: Keith Collins
Hole 13: Harry Pearson