little starfish ChloeChloe
This gorgeous little girl is approx 18 months old and has recently been rescued from the Perrera in Mazarrón. She is currently being fostered. She is only little and will not get any bigger, so ideal for an older couple. Chloe is housetrained and also fully vaccinated and spayed.







little starfish GusGus
How can you not fall in love with this little face? Another small sweet boy also rescued from the Perrera, Gus is not even a year old and would be a great little family dog. He is housetrained, fully vaccinated and neutered.







little starfish terryTerry
A little Jack Russell who sadly is still in the Perrera because of lack of foster carers and kennel spaces. He is approx two years old and when released he will be fully vaccinated and neutered. Please consider this lad because he has been in the Perrera far too long and really deserves a loving home.





little starfish malika 1Malika
This baby has been hand reared by Sue Jones since she was 4 days old. She is a small girl and will not be big when fully grown. She was homed, but sadly as a puppy became a bit too lively for the older dog in the household. She is back with Sue and 6 other dogs of all shapes and sizes and not phased at all. She is around 4 months old and fully vaccinated.





little starfish ChicaChica
A medium size girl who is currently in foster, but would dearly love a forever home of her own. Chica is approx 18 months old, fully vaccinated and spayed. She is with lots of dogs at Rainbow Lodge so is very sociable.

Please note all adoptions are subject to a home check.