Mazarrón commemorated the 8 December with an honour to its patron saint, La Purisima Concepcion, with various acts taking part in its festivities. In the morning, the nursing home “La Purisima” welcomed the Mass, as every year, and was taken by the Priest of the Santiago Apóstol and San Antonio de Padua, Julio Romero. The event was attended by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, the Deputy Mayor for Urban Development, Francisco Garcia, City Council Members Maria Martinez and Miguel Garcia, and Junior Queen of the Fiesta, Ana Cristina Hernandez. At the end, everyone present shared a breakfast with hot chocolate.

At noon, the Shrine of the Immaculate received the main event of this day: the Holy Eucharist. Besides the Mayor, several members of the municipal corporation, from both the government team and the opposition were also present.

In the afternoon, the last Mass of the day took place, which followed the procession with the image of La Purisima through the main streets of the town. An Interment Cross opened the procession accompanied by Band Drums and Bugles of Mazarrón, followed by the “Grupo de Infantes de La Virgen”. Behind them, the Queen of the Festival Youth, Ana C. Hernandez was accompanied by the Maid of Honor, Almudena Navarro and Dames Ana Gonzalez, Fatima Sanchez and Lucia Gomez dressed in white veils.

Then came a number of “village headmen” carrying “hachotes” with the names of their districts, as a sign of uniting the whole people by its patron. At the throne of La Purisima stood religious authorities, with the pastor Julio Romero at the helm. Behind them, the municipal corporation was chaired by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor for Urban Development, Francisco Garcia, and other Councillors, who were included in carrying the throne. The parade was closed by band “Maestro Eugenio Calderón” with dozens of neighbours carrying candles throughout the parade.

The following day the parade of floats announced the imminent arrival of the end of the festivities with a performance by Mazarrón group “Los Luisos”. Until that moment, there were still a few hours to have fun starting with a parade of floats in which 6 of them participated to win the first prize, from the districts of San Isidro, La Atalaya, La Majada, Leiva, Cañada de Gallego and Asociación Hípica “El Mazarronero”.

A splendid morning with a very pleasant temperature accompanied the parade that was followed by hundreds of people who took to the streets ensuring they didn´t miss this event. Band Drums and Bugles of Mazarrón opened the event with a large Chinese dragon, surprising the residents for its originality and size.

Then came the Pensioners Club of Mazarrón in front of disguised vampires mounted on a trolley, and various amusing characters from the Social Centre for the Elderly in Puerto de Mazarrón. The Carriage for the Queen of the 3rd age closed the parade for the seniors which also included “Mistor Mayor”.

Then came the turn of the floats in the competition. The neighbourhood of San Isidro celebrated the 440 anniversary of the granting of the privilege of Villa with a big cake that presided over their chariot between bottles of champagne, gifts and sweets. La Atalaya, in second place, was the delight of the kids with an elaborate staging of the famous cartoon character “SpongeBob.”

The third competing from La Majada was centred around characters from the TV series “Verano Azul” mounted on their bikes and accompanying “La Dorada” boat carrying Chanquete and Julia with guitars. Leiva, the fourth group showed the famous mill in the hamlet and a wood stove.

After Cañada de Gallego paraded with a float dominated by a large fan, a bullfighter and flamenco titled “costumbres española”.

The next coach of the Queen was the child, along with Children ladies and Mr. Child, parading wearing the traditional “huertano” costume. Then it was the turn of the Chariot of the Festival for Junior Queen, accompanied by the tamborine band “Virgen de las Penas” of Puerto de Mazarrón. Finally, the sixth group in the contest, Asociación Hípica “El Mazarronero”, closed the parade with a Roman Coliseum where there was no shortage of chariots and, of course, Romans and Roman horse riders.